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Bornholm Residency

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few weeks on the little Danish island of Bornholm, which is located south of Sweden, in the middle of the Baltic Sea (I was offered the use of a summerhouse so I could explore and paint this magical place). Bornholm has a scattering of small towns and villages across the island, with gorgeous colourful houses and little harbours. In each village there is also usually a smoking house with their distinctive chimneys and delicious smoked fish for sale. I found the landscapes mesmerising and whilst I was there I had a very productive time of painting, and will continue to be inspired for a long time to come.

Lithographic immersion

My residency at SVFK finished at the end of June. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in lithography, and producing a series of images of my newly discovered Danish surroundings. This has been a continuation of my long-held fascination with urban and rural environments – and specifically the quality of light in these places.

I originally intended to focus on the historic buildings in the immediate vicinity of SVFK, however I became more interested in imagery of the natural environment and made lithographs of Bøllemosen and Fanø as well as areas in Copenhagen such as Søndermarken and Frederiksberg Have.

Lithography is a medium that has enabled me to experiment with drawing, to develop different states of the same image. This allowed me to investigate how different qualities of light can be achieved in an image through counter-etching the stone and experimental use of colour. Images of the prints are online here in the print page of this site.

Etching the stone for the print Simeons Kirke
Grinding the stone

Danish Art Workshops

My Residency at the Danish Art Workshops or SVFK is underway and I have been loving making lithographs again in this fantastic facility. I’ve had a whole print workshop to make a new body of work – stay tuned for images!

Preparing the lithographic stone for printing
Lithographic press, ink and paper ready for printing
There are also presses for intaglio and relief printing


In June I have a residency at the Statens Værksteder for Kunst (SVFK) or the Danish Art Workshops. This is an amazing place right on the harbour in central Copenhagen. It’s there for artists to achieve specific projects using the generous facilities and studio spaces, across all mediums. I will be based in the lithographic workshop to make a new series of prints. I’m excited to have this fantastic opportunity to make some images of the local area.


Residency at Gate 8 Workshop

Back in April I was super lucky to be in the midst of six amazing Adelaide artists at the Gate 8 Workshop, when I undertook a short residency in their loft space – a desk and time and space to myself to develop new work for my forthcoming exhibition in September at Beaver Galleries, Canberra. I managed to get a whole lot of new paintings underway and a renewed excitement for the next body of work. stay tuned for images soon..


My family and I have moved to Belgium for a year. I plan to soak up some Flemish art and see how this northern light influences my paintings..I’ll keep you posted..bluebells