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In the news

I’m super pleased to be featured in the local newspaper Frederiksberg Liv, with an article about the exhibition at Remanius Vision.

Here’s a translation:

Christmas exhibition | Glasses and pictures

We wish you a Merry Christmas with a selection of new paintings
and print with motifs from Frederiksberg. The images are created by Kirrily Hammond, who has found her way to Frederiksberg from the other side
of the globe. Everyone is welcome to drop by Remanius Vision on Gammel Kongevej.

“Come in for a cup of coffee and a look at the beautiful paintings and delicious spectacle frames ”, is the call from Michelle Odberg, owner of Remanius Vision. “I got the idea to exhibit some of Kirrily’s paintings as she is a customer of the store, and recently needed new “painting glasses”, tells Michelle. “We quickly agreed about throwing ourselves into it so now customers can look at frames and beautiful paintings at the same time. ”

Kirrily Hammond moved with her family from Melbourne in Australia to Frederiksberg in 2018, and the artist has found rich inspiration in her new surroundings and the Danish painter Hammershøi. Her oil paintings and lithograph depict Frederiksberg Have, Søndermarken and Bøllemosen, Strandgade and Fanø. Kirrily is a graduate of both the Canberra School of Art and the Glasgow School of Art, and she has exhibited her work in Australian commercial galleries and art museums since 1995.

The landscape has been a constant theme in her art for over twenty-five years and her paintings are intuitive responses to her surroundings. The beautiful park areas of Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken have captivated Kirrily, and she has enjoyed depicting the change of seasons in a series of works. The lithographic prints are on display at Remanius Vision are made at The Danish Workshops for Art in June 2021, where Kirrily produced a new series of prints of places like Bøllemosen and Fanø. Kirrily is very pleased to have the opportunity to show her work in Remanius Vision, especially since it is so close to Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken, which are the subject of some of her paintings. Kirrily hopes in the longer term to find Danish commercial gallery representation, as she has gradually established her work here in Denmark.

Welcome to glasses and pictures at Remanius Vision.