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Northern Landscapes | Alexandra Sasse Gallery

‘Northern Landscapes’ opened at Alexandra Sasse Gallery, Melbourne on Thursday 18 April with a speech by Dr Sheridan Palmer from the University of Melbourne, and the evening was accompanied by jazz musicians John Scurry and Eugene Ball.

Kirrily Hammond gives us a key to her insider world through her ‘quiet’ paintings, where we know that she has been there and that these works, like all works of art, are invitations into the artist’s life and vision.

Dr Sheridan Palmer

My paintings and prints depicting predominantly Northern European landscapes are exhibited alongside Maryanne Wick’s still life paintings from Southern Spain in her exhibition titled ‘Iberia Antiqua: Still Life Painting’.

Travel happens to most of us, by design or circumstance. Two Australian artists put new roots into the old and fertile soils of Northern and Southern Europe enriched with the history and place-makings of others. Their work distils what speaks to all of us, across millennia and miles.

Gallerist Alexandra Sasse

Exhibition dates: 18 April – 11 May 2024

Alexandra Sasse Gallery

12-5pm Thurs – Sat, 4 Selbourne Rd, Kew, Melbourne

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