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Exhibition Review of Noctilucent | Sasha Grishin

Art critic Sasha Grishin wrote a great review of Noctilucent at Beaver Galleries for the Canberra media site Riotact.

‘In the decade or so that I have observed Hammond’s work, she appears to be an artist drawn to the liminal space – something transitional where you are leaving the known and are about to embrace the unknown. Twilight is the time when nature is being reborn and that which was once familiar is veiled in a sense of mystery.’

Møstings Hus 2022, line etching, burnished aquatint, drypoint, relief roll and chine collé

In it he makes special mention of my prints: ‘A gem-like etching, Møstings Hus, is possibly the most successful image in the exhibition and captures a descending fog that veils buildings and the landscape but also conveys something of an inner luminosity. It is a cold, mysterious yet welcoming image, where a sanctuary exists behind a stone wall in all of this frozen bleakness.’

Follow this link to read the full review, or it can be downloaded here: